Plus32 pre employment testing

Hire the best employees

You need to hire the best employees you can.

That’s just common sense. How do you do that?

Pre employment testing is very important to your success and bottom line. Our assessments will provide you the info you need to make an informed hiring decision.

First, you need to know what type of employee you need for the position. Do you need a salesperson that can close on the first sales call? Do you need a salesperson that can do a presentation and do many sales calls? Do you need someone who can manage your department and motivate the employees? Do you need someone to show up to work everyday on time and do the same thing over and over without quitting?

Each of the above employees are very different and will need to have different personalities with different traits and skills. You may be great at running your business but do you know all about all the different personalities, traits and which ones best “fit” the positions you have open? How can you tell from just an interview or a resume? You can’t. You will wind up hiring the person that you “like” the best instead of the one who can do the best job. That is not good for you, the employee or the business.

When you build a house you hire a company who knows all about how to build houses and have the ability to see it through. Why would you build a company and not use the tools necessary to hire the best employees you can? There are 5 types of personalities with different traits and trying to figure out who you need, what personality they have and if they can do the job and fit your management style is a major task that needs expert help.

If you hire a used car salesperson to sell your computers both of you will lose. If you hire someone with major personal problems their problems become yours. What questions do you ask in the interview? What questions can you ask? How do you know if the applicant is telling the truth? How do you know if they are detailed, patient, aggressive or have good time management skills? You could spend hours interviewing an applicant and never find out until you hire them and then it’s too late.

If hiring good employees was easy every company would be successful. You need a tool that will show you the “true” applicant before you even interview them. Their resume says they are leaders, thinkers, motivators but our personality test may show they are far from that. The IQ test may show they are average and have little common sense with poor time management skills. You could learn this within minutes with our personality profile without even meeting them. With our IQ-CS test you will learn if they have common sense and can learn quickly. Our sales test will show at what level sales they are at and where they need training. Our math & verbal test will show how well they can converse with your customers and represent your company.

   The cost of our tests is very small compared to the cost of interviewing and hiring the wrong person.

Our 18 page + personality profile report will show the true applicant, their personality type, 18 different traits needed to do a good job complete with interview questions based on their extreme traits so you know the truth. It will show on page 3 if they will “fit” the position and your management style. It will show you how to manage and motivate them so both of you are successful. Our custom benchmarks will narrow down your selection to save time and money.

 Our sales aptitude test will show at what level in sales they are at and where they need training in 11 different areas.

 Our IQ-CS test will show their common sense level and how well they will learn and how well they will make decisions.

 Our math & verbal test shows how well they learned math and communication skills and how well they will communicate with your customers.

 Don’t you need to know as much about your next hire as you can?

The reason some employees are working out great is because they “fit” the position, your management style and are happy to come to work. Duplicate them with our testing system and have one successful company running like a fine tuned watch. You can test our tests out for Free  Why wait?

When you need to hire right the first time