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True letters/emails we have gotten over the years. We don't have room for them all... over 3,800 companies use the Plus-32 to hire right the first time

Ok, you have convinced me. Our HR department didn't want to use your system but after an evaluation account they love it. Easy to read reports, cost effective for me and the reports are so accurate they are scary. We just ordered another 100 reports and I hope the revolving hiring door closes soon. Will keep you updated..

Capstone Corporation

5604 Hoover Blvd Tampa Fl

Daryl Crawford



We have been using your software for over 10 years as a pre-employment screening tool when hiring new employees.  We have experienced very positive results using your system.  The two modules we administer with all new applicants are the Personality Profile and the IQ test. Our managers love the reports and find them easy to read and understand.

Alco management

Mickey Dickey




The first thing I did when I discovered your software online was to take the personality profile myself and I also had some of my existing employees complete the test.  The results were so accurate for me and my employees that it was actually shocking.  If you have doubts about the personality profile, my advice would be to take the test yourself and see if you think it is an accurate depiction of your personality.

Apex Material Handling

Gina tustin

Chicago IL


We have also found your IQ test to be extremely valuable.  If someone scores low we will not hire them.  We find that people that score well on the IQ test learn faster, retain that knowledge and make better decisions independently


You testing has helped our small business make much better hiring decisions.  Thanks for making such a great product.

Bryan Cates Owner

Telecommunications Designs

Santa Rosa, CA


Bill, thanks so much for your help.  We have released the "un-coachable" new salesman.  With your  Help in understanding who he was, we feel in our hearts that we made the correct decision.
I am SOLD on using PLUS32 as a tool and my only improvement will be that I use it BEFORE someone Is hired. I don't know how you produce an 18 page report from just 60 words but it's right on target and will help us grow in the future without all the hiring mistakes.

Rick Roland
Certified Refrigerant Services Inc
Port charlotte Fl.

“We have been delighted with the program. We recently saw a person who interviewed extremely well, passed all the tests but the profile indicated a problem with paperwork not being completed and whether this person would be a team player. Both these attributes were extremely important for this particular position. On doing a reference check we then concentrated on these problem areas. The referee laughed and asked how we could have pinpointed these problems so accurately in an interview. From that point on, we received a very factual reference check, warts and all”.

Joe Moss, Temptime Services

Richmond Nelson, New Zealand


 ”I have been a user of another testing system and after using your system I realized I get the same results at a lesser cost. I was able to set up the system in under ten minutes. I actually ran 3 tests just minutes after I received my access code”. This is the most accurate and cost effective program out there and I've tried them all.

Jim Heilborn, Heilborn Associates

Benicia CA


“Just a quick note to tell you how much we like the new updates. Your reports have always been factual and have helped us hire a great crew. No one gets hired unless they hit our benchmarks. Keep up the good work and keep doing those updates!.”

Barbara Ceccarelli  IBM SE Employees, FCU

Boca Raton Fl


“One area of use of your profile program is that of evaluating trouble youth/individuals for placement in alternative Court directed Community Service programs and in assessing overseers of the troubled individuals Thank you so much for your help and support”.

Charles Cappuccio, Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania

District Justice


“Using your testing system, I hired two employees in 1997. Your test told me one would not work out and I disagreed. Guess which person is working great and which one is gone? The test was correct. I’m now convinced of the value of your test and will continue to use it as long as I am hiring people.” (** You can see this testimonial on one of my competitors website using his programs name)

Herman Novak, Executive Vice President

Penske Plastics Composites,Inc


“We like the way we quickly, easily, accurately, and inexpensively, test a prospective employee. Your test is great for pre-testing without the cost and time consumed by other tests. We have found the results outstanding”. We now have less salespeople doing more sales. Thanks!

  1. Deets Warfield, President Damascus Motors

Damascus Maryland


“I have never found a system this useful and on target. At first I asked myself, How could 60 simple questions that takes 10 minutes to complete tell me anything ? So I took the test. The results were right on the money. The results were right about all my strengths and weakness. Nothing is 100% but this is a close to 100% as it gets. I can truly say your system is tops”.

Larry R. Fichter, Agency Manager Jefferson Pilot Life Insurance

Atlanta Georgia


“I wish I would have discovered the Plus32 ten years ago. Prior to Plus32, my sales hires were hit and miss. The applicants did a great job of selling me but not the accounts they were assigned. Since working with Plus32, I’ve hired sales people who are self-motivated and produce. That’s how it’s supposed to work.”

Mark Warlaumont

Bay Broadcasting, St. Petersburg Florida


“We had a turnover problem since the dealership started. We knew something was broke but didn’t know what. Your staff helped us decide which system was best for our company and was most helpful in setting up our benchmarks and reading the reports. We are happy to say, we now have the best staff we have ever had and they are producing more revenue than ever before. We have cut down from 46 people to 32 and we are doing 21% more volume with less problems, better moral and steady dependable employees”.

Karl VanWorth, Vestmar Toyota and Honda

Philadelphia PA


“This system is an excellent tool for both hiring and promoting employees. It is by far the best program we have reviewed (that’s why we purchased it). I will never again hire another person without first running them through these tests. It costs so much when we hire the wrong person and in many cases it is difficult to get rid of them. The best insurance is to hire right the first time and your system allows us to do just that. The system has paid for itself many times over”.

Ed Bouver, President, GSC/Xerox

Manitoba Canada


“We are so impressed with the system. Our worst departments are now running smoothly thanks to your team design program and all the new hires we made a working out well. The benchmark program really works ! It has made such a positive impact on our company and I highly recommend it to any company who wants a fine tuned company and less headaches”.

Wes Galvin, President, Telmark Telecommunications

Los Angeles CA


“We have been using your system in evaluating potential candidates for our clients since 1996, and been totally pleased with the results. Our clients view it as a value added service that most of my competitors do not provide. It often give our candidates an edge over their competition, as the client feels a great comfort level because they have the information that allows them to make a more informed decision in hiring versus just hiring a candidate on the basis of the interview alone. We have been exceptionally please with the support service. You have always been there to be of assistance either in evaluating a particular profile, setting up benchmarks or assisting in technical software questions”.

Kirby B. Butler, President The Butlers Company

Clearwater Florida


“This is a masterpiece of software development. Easy to use, fast, and a pleasure to run. It’s hard to believe a software program could be this accurate. No one gets hired without a complete testing schedule. It has help our company to achieve it’s goals. As president of a major software company, great  job! Should you or any of your programmers need a job, please have them call me.”

Jim Sommers, Heilburg Software

Tempe AZ


“As this letter is being written, we have just finished six years using your Plus32 testing system. We use all the tests for our employers and they like it because it gives them insight into the individual they are considering for employment. We like it because it helps us hire too and it is a great pleasure for us to offer this superb system to our clients. We believe it is the best system available today.”

Mary Dunlap, Owner

Executive Search, New Mexico


“I am writing you in regard to the Plus 32 software program, which I have used for over 9 years. I find it to be one of the most useful employment systems on the market today. I have run 400-500 applicants through the system and have been very pleased with the results. In regard to my hiring process, I find the Plus32 to be extremely accurate and very reliable. I encourage every business to use this great software because I know you will receive the same excellent results that I have.”

Joseph Riccardi, Response Media Inc.

Clearwater Florida


We feel the BR Garrison program is a strong aid as neither of us have any prior experience in hiring and evaluating potential employees. Hiring qualified people is integral to the success of any business.  The Plus-32 program is of value to all Fastsigns franchisees.  

Mark Folino


To Whom it may concern:


For the past two years we have used the Plus 32 Employment testing program with our students. We purchased licenses for the program to use with senior level course in the Religion Department entitled “Life Choices”. This course is meant to be a transition course from high school to the large world beyond. It stresses achieving self-awareness and self-knowledge in preparing to live according to Christian Principles at the college level or in the workforce.


Our segment of the course deals with work values and working towards success and happiness in one’s chosen career. It is in this area that we have found the Plus 32 program to be extremely helpful. By this point in the course, the students have already completed a number of surveys and exercises that help them focus on themselves, their character traits, and their strengths and weaknesses. The Plus 32 survey complements and fills out what has gone before admirably.


The program, at this point of the course, allows us to move beyond the students’ perceptions of themselves to focus on how they are perceived by others-especially in the work place. To do this, we distribute a job application for a fictional company. The application offers a variety of positions for which students can apply-including sales , bookkeeping, customer service and technical positions. The next step in the process is the completion of the Plus 32 personality profile. The report allows them to compare the results with earlier course surveys and determine whether they agree with the strengths and weaknesses the report identifies. The next step in the process involves selecting  several students to undergo an interview process. We video tape the interviews (usually conducted by the school Principal) and show them in class. At this point, we will note the differences between the reports that are generated for the interviewer and interviewee and discuss how the report can help a person in the interview process.


This is an exercise the students really seem to enjoy and very few find anything in the report to which they strongly object – even when it points out possible shortcomings. In the area of pure fun, they really seem to enjoy taking the IQ test – though we haven’t incorporated it as much into our overall program and lesson construct.


In sum, I’d recommend the program to any school that wants to help students know themselves and prepare for them for the realities of the real world of the work force.



Father Jim Beighlie

St. Thomas Aquinas-Mercy High School

845 Dunn Road

Florissant Missouri 63031



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