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Résumé makers, search firms and anyone who sends out résumés can take advantage of this unique program. Developed as a marketing tool for our talent search clients, it will provide the hiring manager to “see into” the applicant and know what they are bringing to the table. It will help the applicant stand out from the sea of résumés sitting on the hiring managers desk.

Manufactures know in order to sell their product and be successful they have to package it in such a way that it stands out over the sea of other products. They also know they need to have all the information they can place on that packaging so the consumer will know what they are buying.

If you are looking for work or are a search firm trying to sell clients and sending out résumés you are trying to “sell” yourself or your client much like the manufacture selling their product. So how is your packaging?

A great looking résumé with all the information and history is a start but what makes you different or stand out from the other hundreds of résumés on the desk? Can the hiring manager tell if you are patient, detailed, persuasive, aggressive and independent? Can they tell how well you handle stress, problems or how good you are at time management by looking at your information?

I know you are saying, “that’s what the interview is for” But how do you get picked for that interview when your résumé looks like all the others sitting there? Maybe your “package” needs more information about you or your client and their character and talent traits that is not bias. What if you could show the hiring manager what you or your client will bring to the table without sounding self-hyping and let him know what they are “buying”.

Great Marketing tool, be different:

Now you can. The Personality review profile will show in less than 6 pages just what you or your client is made of and what you or your client will bring to the table. It will be completely non-bias and a professional way to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The profile is taken right from the web from anywhere in the world 24/7 and within minutes both you and your client will have the report in your email inbox. The front cover of the report has your company name, logo and phone number on it so if a hiring manager needs more information they may call you. This is a great marketing tool for a search firm seeking new ways of marketing. If you are a search firm the Résumé report is free with every personality profile you run.

See a sample here: Resume sample profile

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