Plus-32 quick guide to reading the personality profile

Page 2 of the personality profile is basically the bottom line of the report. Below are the areas to review first before making an interview decision.

   The consistency score at the top right hand side of the page should be above 10. 20 is the highest score. The higher the score, the more accurate the report will be. The average score for males is 15 and for females 17. A score lower than 10 (except for an E-type personality) should not be considered a valid report.

   The confidence score at the bottom of the page will show the emotional status of the applicant. A score of 12 - 15 shows the applicant is stable and has no major problems affecting them at this time. A score of 10 – 11 indicates the applicant has a minor problem that is just starting to affect them and should be questioned in the interview to see if this will become your problem should you hire them. A score below 10 indicates the applicant has a major deep rooted problem affecting them at this time that may affect their work and their demeanor at work. If the confidence score is below 10, the report will show how they are now because of the problem but is not the true personality of the applicant. This report should not be used and will save you a lot of time and headaches.

   Look to see if they made the benchmark on the bottom of the page. Two or more different personalities with the same character and talent traits can be used for the position/benchmark. If the applicant is close to the benchmark but did not make it, you may wish to print the benchmark graph to see which areas they failed in and how this will impact you. You may wish to interview the applicant and ask questions (we provide) directed towards the failed areas to insure they are this way.

 The report will also show how to manage and motivate this applicant.

   If the applicant made the benchmark, the consistency score is good and the confidence score is good, you are ready for the next step.

A:    If this is a sales position, a sales test should be administered to see at what level the applicant is in sales and where they need training.

B:    If this is another position, the IQ, or Math/Verbal test(s) should be administered before the interview to give you a complete picture of the applicant.

Should you have any questions or problems reading the reports or need help deciding which tests to administer, please feel free to call our USA support number

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