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One of the main reasons your top people are working out so well is because of their personality, character and talent traits. They have what it takes to do the job and to work for you under your management style. If you test all employees in a fine tuned well working department, you will find they are very close in personality type and share the same character and talent traits. This is no accident. They became what they are because of their personalities. Most good accountants are C/A type personalities. Most good hair stylists are B/D personalities. The personality “fits” the position and they find the position rewarding. By knowing what personality your best employees are, you can now hire other employees that “fit” right in and will do a good job. Hiring the wrong personality will cause the department to lose morale and you may end up with a major problem all because of one employee. 

 When we test a department with a problem and find a personality doing a job in which they don’t “fit”, we  instantly know this is the problem employee and 90% of the time we are correct. Had the employer known this ahead of time, the employer would not have hired them and save both of them time, money and headaches. Below is an overview of our personality profile. 

Complies with all EEOC regulations – No adverse impact 

Evaluates a Person’s Primary and Secondary Personality and how they will use this in their position 

Indicates if an applicant has problems they will bring to work (so they become your problems) 

Rates 18 Personality characteristics and traits on a scale of 1-15 and provides both a graphic representation and a full explanation of each characteristic/trait. You may also “benchmark” your best employees and run the applicants against the benchmark to see if they make the grade! 

Prints a Comprehensive 8 to 18 page report A great tool to use in interviews so you may know as much about the applicant’s personality as their best friend. Provides a complete interview question section using the applicants extreme traits. Also provided is a management summary which will show you how to manage and motivate the applicant. 

Plus, the system cross-checks the applicants responses anywhere from 12,500 to over 25,000 different ways and provides a Consistency Score. This can be an indicator as to whether the person is telling the truth, perhaps trying to tell you what they think you want to hear, and how well they know themselves. The higher the score, the greater the reliability of the test results. You’ll know in a glance! 

Instructions may be emailed to applicants and you will have the results in minutes. Know if they “fit” before making the decision to bring them in for an interview saving both time and money. 

The reports may be used as a marketing tool if you provide information on others. 

The testing site is generic so applicants will think they are on your custom testing site. 

Search firms may receive a free resume report to market the applicant with each personality profile. 

There are many ways to use the system and reports. Call us for more information. 


 View a sample personality profile report 

Quick guide to reading the report 

Personality profile theory 

       Why not choose the best personality test on the market today? We have been here since 1986 and have thousands of satisfied clients worldwide. Why take a chance?  

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