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Math test – Verbal test: 

 The comprehension and fluent use of written speech and math skills constitutes a basic element of success in many company positions. A person ‘s verbal and math skills reflect their general intelligence and their development guarantees to a great extent the attainment of organizational goals.

  The math and verbal questions used in this test were basic questions that any high school graduate should know. It is normal to miss one or two questions but missing more than this shows us the applicant didn’t learn these skills very well.

  If you are hiring for a position where the applicant needs these skills to do a good job be sure to review the points on the report. Questions should be asked in the interview on the area’s that are low. Training in these areas will take much time and money.

  Recent studies show 57% of all high school graduates can’t read, write or do math on a 6th grade level. Is this the type of employee you want to hire? With résumé companies writing résumés for applicants, how can you be sure they are proficient? Do you really want to take a chance on them dealing with your clients, your customers?

  This test uses 10 math questions and 10 verbal questions to test the applicants knowledge in these areas. The questions are basic high school level and should be known by anyone that graduated high school. If you run a retail operation or have outside sales people this test is important because your employees represent you to your customers.

Use the Math & Verbal test when you need long lasting common sense employees

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