Plus-32 Employment Testing System IQ test

  You’re hiring employee after employee and they just don’t seem to make the grade. Their resume looked great, the interview went well and the background check showed no indication of failure. So what went wrong?

   The feedback we receive from our clients in your position shows the employees that didn’t make the grade had low I.Q. scores. The long term successful employees had good I.Q. scores.

   IQ should be an indicator of how well someone reasons and solves problems. People with low IQ scores tend not to retain information well, make good decisions or use reason and logic in solving problems.

   There are many “smart” people that have low IQ scores. ( a lot of IQ tests show how “book smart” you are.) I’m sure you have met someone who seems very intelligent but yet can’t seem to get ahead or makes one mistake after another. You might have said “that guy has no common sense”. That is the true measure of IQ and how we designed our IQ test.

  Our IQ. test is a standard test geared towards common sense values which will show the applicants ability to reason and solve problems using logic and reasoning powers. You don’t need to have a genius level IQ to perform well but you should have at least an average IQ. The report will show the applicants I.Q. score and how they scored nationally. This will allow you to make an informed hiring decision on your next hire using logic and reasoning instead of a good looking resume or a great personality. If they can’t retain information or make good decisions then you are wasting your time and money.

 Most IQ tests have a lot of math, geometry and physics questions which have little to do with everyday business. We have designed our IQ test to see how well an applicant can reason a common problem and find a solution. We spent years looking at IQ tests and deciding the 4 areas and questions that best qualifies an applicant to solving business problems. Most companies aren’t looking to hire a physics major just someone with common sense that can solve everyday business problems.

Other uses:

   If you have a current employee not making the grade, you may wish to test them before training to see if the position is too much for their I.Q. level. Should you decide to train them, you will know how fast the training session should go and how to better help them retain the information or you will know they will never make the grade.

   There are a lot of companies with IQ tests but we been here for over 29 years. Wouldn’t you rather have the best IQ test instead of a copy? We have one of the best IQ business tests online that took over 2 years to design and develop and is used by hundreds of companies worldwide.

I.Q. test when you need long lasting common sense employees

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