Plus-32 Employment Testing System F.A.Q.

Q: Do I need software or special programs to run the tests? 

A: No, any computer connected to the Internet can access our tests. You may also place a link to our testing site from your website. 

Q: Can I use all of the tests with my lease or credits? 

A: Yes. All the tests may be used at any time. Each test run deducts 1 credit. 

Q: Other than the initial cost of credits, are there any hidden costs or charges? 

A: No. You only pay for the initial package of credits. Support, updates and general help are free. 

Q: How do I get my credits and do I have to call or fax you to run a report. 

A: When you sign up for an internet account you will receive an Auth code and complete instructions with a sample email to email applicants. We also provide 40 different benchmarks to run your applicant against. When your applicant submits the test, you will receive the report within minutes in your email. Applicants can take the tests from anywhere in the world 24/7. To sign up for an account all you need to do is fill out this form . 

Q: What pricing structure do you have? 

A: We have many different packages available from single reports up to thousands. The more you purchase the less each report costs. Price sheet and options 

Q: Can I have the report sent to more than one person? 

A: Yes. The reports my be sent to 3 different people per Auth code or we suggest having a central email address for back up so any authorized person may access the saved reports. 

Q: How can just 60 words produce an accurate profile ? 

A: The 60 words are related to different character and talent traits. The program does over 12,500 calculations to produce the final report. Each word is compared to another and any inconsistencies are noted and the answers changed to reflect the true personality. The report does not mimic what the applicant says but produces an overall true picture of this applicants personality and 18 character and talent traits. The report also has the negatives along with the positives because it's the negatives that will be the problems. The testing and research for the personality profile took 3 years to complete and to ensure it works and is very accurate. 

Q: What are the most important parts of the personality profile report? 

A: The confidence level is first. This tells us if the applicant is having any personal or business related problems and how these problems are affecting them. A score below 10 (15 is the highest) tells us the applicants problem is starting to affect them. A score below 7 tells us the problem is major and may affect their work and their personality and character traits. When the score is below 7, we suggest not using the report at this time as we are not seeing the true person, only a reflection of the way they are acting now. 

      The consistency level is the next score to look at. This score 1 to 20 shows how consistent the applicant was in answering the profile. The lower the score, the more inconsistent the applicant was. For men, the average scores are between 15 - 17.  Women seem to score higher in the 17 - 20 range and seem to be more open. A score of below 14 indicates the applicant tried to sway the report, does not know themselves very well or may have an E-type personality which by nature is inconsistent. 

   All parts of the report are important because it will give you a complete picture of the person sitting in front of you. When you utilize the benchmark program, you will know exactly who you need and where the applicant stands compared to your best people. 

Q: Can the benchmark program be that important? 

A: YES! The reason your best people (top performers) are your best people is they have the right personality and character traits to do the job and work for you under your management style and working conditions. The best customer service employee working for the telephone company may not be the best candidate for your customer support because of the difference in management styles, working conditions and company philosophy. If these styles don't match, the employee will not work out no matter how much you train or try to motivate them. Some testing programs use "National" statistics. In our opinion, this helps no one and gives a false sense of security. See our Benchmark program here 

The Plus-32 uses a known fact "who works best for you" We believe this makes a lot more sense. Each department and location may have a different benchmark. We have 40 "standard" benchmarks you may use as a start but suggest testing your best people in each department to match the best benchmark for your company/department. 

Q: The sales test stated I was a level 4 out of 5 and I have been selling my whole life. I think I should have made a level 5. What went wrong? 

A: Nothing went wrong. A level 5 salesperson is one who has had many years of different types of sales and sales training and has either managed or owned their own company. They not only know how to sell but why, when and when not to. Most very good salespeople are a level 4, need little training if any and can sell snowballs in Alaska. The key is in the level of sales as well as the different categories of skill knowledge (doing it, experience in selling) and knowledge scores (actually knowing on how to sell). 

Q: Do I need level 4 or 5 salespeople? 

A: If you test your best salespeople and they are a level 4 or 5 then, yes. Most retail companies have level 3 as their best because it's inside sales with limited pay. To attract a level 4 or 5, you would have to have a very good pay plan with benefits and the freedom to allow the salespeople to do their jobs. Most outside sales companies have a level 4 as their best. If you test your best and have a good pay scale, benefit package and freedom to make deals and they come up a level 3, you may wish to do some training in the 11 areas of sales that the report goes over. 

Q: Should I only use the sales test to hire salespeople? 

A: NO. Even if they have great sales skills that doesn't mean they will work out with your company management style or have the right personality to sell your product or service. We strongly suggest running the personality profile first using a benchmark to insure they will "fit" well in your company, won't bring problems to work with them and are detailed, aggressive and persuasive enough to do the job. If they "fit" then run the sales test. 

Q: Why should I IQ test? 

A: IQ isn't just being smart. There are different types of IQ tests and the one we designed is to test common sense as well. Having a good score on our IQ test will show the applicant is intelligent, will learn quick and has common sense. One large client of ours found out by IQ testing their turnover rate dropped dramatically. Read more about the IQ test here 

Q: What is the math & verbal test all about? 

A: Have you ever gone into a store and the checkout person couldn't make change, or answer your questions in a logical way? This test will show you how well the applicant can converse and if they know basic math which is very important because they represent you. 

Q: What is the best way to connect to the testing site? 

A: We suggest you link to our testing site on your website with a simple link. This way applicants will think they are on your website. We can also set up your reports so your name, logo and phone number are on the reports looking like it's your customized in-house reports. We have 6 different links to all the tests or just one of them. We also have a link where the applicant can receive a copy of their test as well as you. 

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