Plus32 pre employment testing

Available employment tests – Sample reports

Plus-32 employment tests – Sample employment test reports. Click on the report name to view.

Personality Profile – The first report to view

Business personality profile. Up to 18 pages of information on the applicant and interview questions to ask. Find out if the applicant is an a-type, B-type, C-type or d-type personality with 18 different character & talent traits. Do they “fit” your position? The last page shows how to manage and motivate them.

Sales Aptitude – Don’t hire a clerk when you need a closer

Complete review with 19 pages of information of where the applicant is at in sales and where they will need training. Find out if they can sell your product or service before you hire them. Use for sales training to ensure success. One of the best sales tests out there.

IQ-CS Test – How much common sense will they have and can they learn quickly

Our unique business IQ test taking 3 years to develop so it shows their knowledge/common sense score. Applicants may be very smart but make poor non logical decisions which can hurt your business. Find out before your hire them with our top IQ test.

Math & Verbal test

 Employment math & Verbal testing. Can they make change, figure out a percentage, converse with your clients well? They will be the face of your business. Ensure they look good.

Resume Report

Used by employment agencies to send to clients showing the applicants traits and personality. Used by smart employment agencies as a marketing tool to show employers who they have sitting in front of them and why they chose them to interview. Give your clients the information they need to make an educated choice.

Employment tests that make a difference