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Testing applicants when you need to hire right the first time

Stop wasting time and money on bad hires

The hire & hope method doesn’t work. Make your hiring easier and more effective.

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Run 8 reports before you spend 1 penny!

Over 3,800 companies worldwide use this system to hire right the first time.

Know all about your next applicant before you even meet them for the interview!

“I wish I would have discovered the Plus32 ten years ago. Prior to Plus32, my sales hires were hit

and miss. The applicants did a great job of selling me but not the accounts they were assigned.

Since working with Plus32, I’ve hired sales people who are self-motivated and produce.

That’s how it’s supposed to work. Mark Warlaumont – Bay Broadcasting, St. Petersburg Florida 


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Click here to try it out for Free!

We provide free evaluation reports in every day English and 4 other languages to evaluate our system before you spend 1 penny! We give you insight as to how to read our reports with interview questions and management profiles. We can set up free benchmarks for your positions or use our standard benchmarks for over 40 positions. Human resource managers will find the system easy to use and a great tool for hiring and interviewing with our interview questions on extreme traits, how to motivate and manage this applicant page and up to 15 other pages of information on the applicant in each report. Hire right the first time with: personality testing, sales testing, IQ testing & Math testing programs. We have free client support with real people answering the phones. Look at our testimonials and see why over 3,800 companies worldwide chose and use our testing system because:

“We don’t succeed unless you succeed”

Our Email for sales/support 11am – 11pm E.S.T.: Email us

Our phone for sales/support: 800-483-210 Six 11 am – 7 pm EST – M- F

Hiring, Managing & Motivating different personalities

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About the Plus-32 Employment testing system:

The Plus-32 online pre employment testing system with a personality test, sales test, IQ test and a math & verbal test in 4 different languages. Fast, accurate, cost effective and available 24/7/365. Designed for applicant testing with easy to read reports and bottom-line facts. Whether you need pre employment or post employment tests (assessments ) we can help. The Plus-32 employment testing system is geared towards the average business owner, employment agency or HR consultant who doesn’t have the time for specialized training on how to read reports, graphs/charts or a large bankroll to pay for them.

Hire the right employees the first time and stop wasting time and money. Your human resource manager will love this program. Over 32 years of design and development have made this the finest testing system on the market today. We developed and designed the first computerized testing program in 1986 and designed many of the features that most testing companies use today. Get the original pre-employment testing system and get the best assessments your money can buy and the best employee selection to interview without all the hassles, cost and time. The A-type and C-type personality will love the reports.


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