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Stop wasting time and money on bad hires
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Find Out How We Can Help

Find Out How We Can Help

Join our program and start finding the most qualified employees.
We help you find the best canditates

We help you find the best canditates

We test your potential hires to make sure they are the best fit for your company.
Hire the best employees

Hire the best employees

We provide you with all the information to make the best decision on hiring your new employee.
  • Ok, you have convinced me. Our HR department didn't want to use your system but after an evaluation account they love it. Easy to read reports, cost effective for me and the reports are so accurate they are scary. We just ordered another 100 reports and I hope the revolving hiring door closes soon. Will keep you updated..
    - Daryl Crawford
    Capstone Corporation
  • We have been using your software for over 10 years as a pre-employment screening tool when hiring new employees. We have experienced very positive results using your system. The two modules we administer with all new applicants are the Personality Profile and the IQ test. Our managers love the reports and find them easy to read and understand.
    - Mickey Dickey
    Alco management
  • The first thing I did when I discovered your software online was to take the personality profile myself and I also had some of my existing employees complete the test. The results were so accurate for me and my employees that it was actually shocking. If you have doubts about the personality profile, my advice would be to take the test yourself and see if you think it is an accurate depiction of your personality.
    - Gina tustin
    Apex Material Handling

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Hire right the first time with the Plus-32 employment testing system.

The Plus-32 online employment testing system with a personality test, sales test, IQ test and a math & verbal test in 4 different languages. Fast, accurate, cost effective and available 24/7. Designed to hire right the first time with easy to read reports and bottom-line facts. Whether you need pre-employment or post employment tests (assessments ) we can help.The Plus-32 employment testing system is geared towards the average business owner, employment agency or consultant who doesn’t have the time for specialized training on how to read reports, graphs/charts or a large bankroll to pay for them.

Hire the right employees the first time and stop wasting time and money. Your human resource manager will love this program. Over 29 years of design and development have made this the finest testing system on the market today. We developed and designed the first computerized testing program in 1986  and designed many of the features that most testing companies use today. Get the original testing system and get the best assessments your money can buy and the best employee selection to interview without all the hassles.

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